balanced snacking

FINDAY is a new grain salted-snack brand based on idea of /balanced snacking for the whole day/.

of the Brand

Brand offers various product options by its nutritional qualities to meet the hourly snacking needs during daytime.

FINDAY products

and positioning

Product range consists of traditionally baked and innovative extruded bread snacks and is divided into product groups to use at recommended part of the day.

FINDAY is positioned as a “best snack for the right time” in the mid-price segment and is oriented towards the European and North American markets.

Our customer
and values

FINDAY customer is a busy and smart office foodie, who supports the point of view that snacking in small portions during the day is more healthy choice than having just few bigger meals.

“Have a fine day tasting our yummy treats” – the brand invites its followers to enjoy the time for themselves with a light snack at preferred moment of the day. Also brand sees a big value in creating products for new snacking rituals – for sharing, socializing and bring people together.


All FINDAY products are originally created and produced at brand’s operators bakeries and are divided into following groups:

Tastes and

All FINDAY snacks are suitable for everyday use following “balanced hourly” concept.
Healthy seeds fillings and veggies flavorings were chosen to create brand’s original tastes collection.
Some products have low salt, eco and vegan friendly versions and its marked with icons on the packaging.

B2B Contacts:

FINDAY brand is operated by two Baltic bread products producers: Javinė (extruded bread products), Klaipėdos Duona (traditionally baked bread products). Both companies are located in City of Klaipėda, Lithuania and are experienced manufacturers for international markets.